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Always with Iron and Steel

Shimabun Building(Headquarters)

Press Release
Jun. 01, 2015 Fuwa Metal, Kyoyei and Shimabun Form Alliance in the Steel Scrap Business (PDF34kb)
BB Plaza Museum of Art

SHIMABUN Corporation Headquarters; 4-2-7 Iwayanakamachi, Nada-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo 657-0845, Japan
Telephone: +81(0)78-871-5181 Facsimile: +81(0)78-802-9524

Sales Division Shimabun Kakogawa Building 4F, 1884-1 Ikeda, Onoe-cho, Kakogawa-city, Hyogo 675-0023, Japan
Telephone: +81(0)79-423-0392 Facsimile: +81(0)79-423-8380