Sales Division

Sales Division

  • Steelmaking Raw Materials Department

    Stable Supply with comprehensive facilities

    Recycling of Iron and SteelResponding to the diverse needs of steelmakers

    Shimabun collects, sorts and processes iron and steel scrap, and delivers the recycled material to domestic and foreign steelmakers. These comprehensive facilities allow us stable supply with high quality at competitive price.

  • Steel Products Department

    Global sales network

    Process and Sales of Steel ProductsOpening up overseas sales routes to expand our business

    Annual sales quantity of steel products has risen to approximately half a million tons. Our expanding sales network serves an increasing number of overseas customers, particularly in Asia, as well as our domestic customers.

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Sales Division
Shimabun Kakogawa Building 4F, 1884-1 Ikeda, Onoe-cho, Kakogawa-city, Hyogo 675-0023, Japan
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